Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

Why you should consider contracting with a pro

Ask anyone; weddings are stressful. Everyone knows that securing the perfect venue and providing the best food are important aspects of the celebration. But what about the smaller details to consider?

  • Where will the sun be in relation to my ceremony venue?
  • What happens if the weather takes a turn for the worse and the ceremony can’t be outside?
  • Who is in charge of making sure all of the decorations get to the reception venue on time?

There are countless other details that come up during the planning process. That’s where a professional planner can really come in handy. It’s a planner’s job to think of these seemingly random and minute details that most people planning their first wedding never consider. Factoring in a wedding planner into your overall wedding budget can save you countless headaches, tons of time, and usually a fair amount of money off of your bottom line. Wedding professionals are expert at networking within their niche. They spend their time sitting down with caterers sampling new menu options or collaborating with a new florist on their centerpiece options. We spend time growing relationships so that when you ask who we recommend for photography or cake we won’t send you to someone we wouldn’t hire ourselves. This can usually translate into some type of referral discount when you mention who sent you and who you have hired as your planner.

Another great reason to consider hiring a planner is you now have someone who is in charge of the timeline. Most couples are working full time and trying to fit in planning a wedding on top of a 40+ hour a week career isn’t easy. When you hire a wedding planner, they take over answering the countless e-mails and phone calls from vendors so that you are free to focus on the bigger picture. Our job is to come alongside you and your fiancé to create your vision together. Once you convey your dream we can handle the logistics for you.

The biggest advantage of hiring a pro for your big day is the coordination we can provide the weekend of your wedding. Starting with the rehearsal, a wedding planner keeps everyone on task and on time. Once again, most couples have never orchestrated a rehearsal themselves and there are so many details that come up completely unexpectedly. Having a professional there to create a timeline and then keep everyone on schedule helps relieve responsibility off of you as the couple so that you can enjoy your day. The day of the wedding is such a whirlwind of appointments, pictures, hugs, tears, and dancing that remembering it is already hard enough. So let someone else take care of the details; because in the end would you rather reminisce how many times you had to explain to the florist you wanted pink peonies? Or do you want to look back and smile because you remember standing with your new spouse, surrounded by everyone who loves you, watching the sun set behind the mountains?